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Thanks for visiting! Last Thursday, H-E-B announced that it would soon roll out a new digital coupon program. Confused and upset customers, unsure of what one had to do with the other, lashed out. Apparently a little bit of both. And there was plenty of confusion. Got it?

Rodriguez said H-E-B will continue to offer store coupons. Could the system be bypassed by allowing store coupons to be entered with a price lookup code instead of scanned? H-E-B would like to focus attention on its digital coupon offerings, which it says will not require the use of a loyalty card or a smartphone. But first it will have to weather the storm over its coupon-stacking policy change, before many customers even want to hear about the digital coupons.

For many, though, those concerns can be summed up in just four words:.

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Your Website. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Yet some grocery store secrets are hardly secrets at all. Finding deals at the supermarket is a great way to save time and money. Here are secrets from the industry giants themselves, several of which are some of the most-loved retailers in America.

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The bargain bins let you score great deals at Aldi. Aldi already has some of the lowest prices around, which is one reason why shoppers love it. When Aldi needs to clear shelf space it moves items to the bargain bin, and the prices go even lower than you can imagine. The front kiosk gives special personalized coupons. A kiosk at the front of the store lets you know which items are on sale, and it also gives you special personalized coupons.

Clipping coupons is a thing of the past, too. You just have to scan your card at the checkout to get the deals.

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Read the H-E-B Coupon Policy regarding online coupons, manufacturer coupons , Available at store level and are typically yellow in color. New subscribers receive $2 off $10 in produce and $2 off $10 in market. Look for Combo Locos, Meal Deals and Yellow Coupons in your H‑E‑B store for.

Then you get free food every Friday. Yes, you read that right: Free food. Taking the BOGO deals to the next level.

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For one thing, you can use coupons on each item since the store rings them up as separate items. Plus, instead of offering one item full price and another completely free, the items just ring up as half off. A Combo Locos deal could mean free stuff. How about two great deals combined together? Saving on gas is just one of the perks for Hy-Vee shoppers. Being a loyal Hy-Vee customer pays off big time if you have a fuel saver perks card.

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Those gas discounts are pretty significant, too. Plus, cardholders can win big prizes, such as trips to Hawaii. This is one of the grocery store secrets that really needs to be widely known. They have all sorts of in-store freebies.

Bonus cash, pharmacy rewards, and digital coupons are part of it, but members also get in-store freebies.