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Not Your Average Drip Campaign Learn how to woo your contacts and follow up with leads by taking a personal approach in your correspondence. A common rule a savvy real estate investor follows is to pay no more than X the monthly rent as the purchase price. Even finding properties priced at X monthly rent is extremely difficult to find. Because there is excess demand looking to buy property for lifestyle and capital appreciation. Housing becomes more than just basic living expenses, it becomes a luxury option. A Honda Civic takes you around just fine, but some people like to buy classic Ferraris.

With tourism as its main industry, the economy is subject to the whims of others. You need to already be rich or have a location independent business to comfortably afford a sweet home. The X — X monthly rent rule gets blown out of the water. Then you must bake in the opportunity cost of not getting a 2. The only way the owner comes out ahead is through principal appreciation and tax deductions. Meanwhile, getting approved for a mortgage is much more difficult post financial crisis. Given half the country lives in the coastal cities, half the country focuses on accumulating coastal city real estate.

This is financial arbitrage at its finest. We can qualitatively say without prejudice that coastal city living can be considered Luxury living while non-coastal city living can be considered Utility living. Therefore, the easiest solution to determining what defines Luxury and Utility is to utilize objective math.

Therefore, we can say the higher a property is valued above If we use one standard deviation to determine the Luxury and Utility Median Price to Rent Ratio, the breakpoints are roughly However, my rental home trades at 26X annual gross rent, therefore, I should consider selling the property. In other words, in just 5. Raymondville, Texas clearly is considered Utility, and a savvy real estate investor should be buying Raymondville property all day long if their job market remains stable.

Not to worry though, since there are literally hundreds of other towns and cities with properties that trade below the 9. Of course, real estate is a very personal situation for each individual.


I have always rented my primary residence, and own a lot of investment property. Cayman Real Estate Properties. You are absolutely right about doing due diligence, especially if you are investing from out of town. People with very low income who would not be perfect tenants either? View listing photos, contact sellers, and use filters to find listings of land for sale LandWatch. Bottom line: No line was crossed if an exclusive did not exist, and while Mr. BURL all the way!

We live where we want to live mainly due to our families, friends, and jobs. Not everything is about money. But given this is a blog about ways to optimize our finances, a savvy real estate investor should seriously consider my advice of Renting Luxury, Buying Utility. I want to be closer to my parents and live it up like a boss before I die. Think how many sweet blog posts I can write from the pool! Financial Samurai reader pool party anyone? Seriously, the last thing I want to do is own a humungous house with tons of ongoing maintenance to deal with.

But renting it is a different story. You must still carefully run the numbers and do your due diligence. Below are the 10 markets where the greatest percentage savings come from buying vs. And below are the 10 markets where the percentage savings from buying vs. The opportunities are plenty to buy cash flow generating properties around the country. Specialized REITs and the rise of real estate crowdfunding companies are making this move easier today. You just need to figure out what type of real estate portfolio mix you want.

If you can remove emotion , pride, and prejudice from the equation, you should be able to maximize your lifestyle, cash flow, and net worth. Ready to BURL? Real estate is a key component of a diversified portfolio. Real estate crowdsourcing allows you to be more flexible in your real estate investments by investing beyond just where you live for the best returns possible. Sign up and take a look at all the residential and commercial investment opportunities around the country Fundrise has to offer.

Nice Post. It is not all paid off.

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With bay area market going downwards and it is close to freeway which is also negative, I am not sure if its good idea to hold the property or sell it now and invest in midwest for lot cheaper. It would be great to know your thoughts on this. You brought up a great point when you said how hard it is to get a mortgage after a financial crisis.

Great article! I do want to make a few points, though. Productive vs consumptive assets i. You make this point by talking about the opportunity cost to own is determined by the market value. Investing only for cash-flow, though, is a common mantra of real estate investors. I think this pushes investors towards marginal properties and fails to recognize the other benefits Tax shielding, debt pay-down, and appreciation Choosing properties with positive cash flow from day one is akin to investing only in dividend stocks.

The cash is obvious but the future appreciation and rent growth may stagnate. If you want to consume more today, go for cash-flow. Great Post! Maybe I should wait till next year to see what happens. I guess that strategy assumes that people would vote conservative once they do so. Or the returns you sacrifice income plus capital gains from alternative investments by sinking your capital into bricks and mortar.

Amazing Ocala FL Home For Sale - What A Steal! Cheap Deal!

Whichever is greater. The 3. I recently bought my condo I am living in and got preapproved for 3. The loan representative told me the rate differs at 4.

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I really like the way you are thinking. Great post will be coming back. Hi FS! No debt. Do you rent, and then rent out this Marin property? I live on the East Coast and am going to be in the market for a utility home in the next 12 months. Daily life does not need that. Just a place to be secure. Can you email me and I can give more info, my old blog.. I like to keep a stealth profile Along with wealth as unfortunately a lot of jealous people out there. You gave a one line passing remark to the idea of capital appreciation here — but that is crucial, and the main reason for buying over renting.

The reason that so many people have done so well out of cities like SF and NYC is capital appreciation. Also the capital appreciation is significant because it amplifies the return if you take out a loan to buy a property. If the property value doubles in say, 10 years, in SF and does much less in the Midwest which area would you rather be invested in? Hi Judy, feel free to do the analysis and send me a draft. I think it would be a great read. You can basically do an analysis of that fits whatever you want your thesis to be. From Orinda, Jacobs from la Jolla, former cpo of fbook, etc.

There seem to be a lot of land in every single direction. Taxes and thus better schools, etc. Do you have any advice or experience hiring a property manager for a remote Midwest property? I live in Michigan, and looking in some of the Midwest University cities Akron as attractive places to buy. Any tips? Do a search for local property managers, in the community you want to buy in.

After the tenant is moved in, they will charge either a flat fee of They will deduct all fees from the gross rent, and direct-deposit proceeds to your bank account. I think you are comparing apples and oranges. If you invest in a year governent bond you get your return of 2. That would be a satisfying compensation for the risk indeed. If you are paying more you are betting on a decent amount of rent inflation for the future and interest rates at least not going up significantly.

Nah pack, in fact the opposite where not only getting the rental yield which is largely tax-free due to depreciation, expenses, etc. But capital appreciation as well.. Congratulations for reaching financial independence. Thanks Sam and likewise! Not LA area and in the bay fan of Marin near mt. Current Median Price to Rent Ratio for my city is Especially if I can get into a larger house that would be easier to rent down the road.

Hi, Sam: Wonderful post. I have done before for like-kind in bay area, however, recently we had enough fun with tenants and was thinking about exchange into REIT or some really passive real-estate investment. Do you know any good resources for that? The main point is we want to avoid the tax on capital gain.

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Amazing content! After graduating college in Missouri I became a Realtor. I now own my real estate brokerage and my wife and I have a real estate investment company. We only hire renters who do automatic bank draft payments. I want to get better about learning my margins and percentages but this is just a real example of what is happening in the real estate investment market in Jefferson City, MO located in the Midwest! But not one that will get me rich.

Regardless, strongly considering renting out current, and renting a home for family while investing in Midwest via crowdfunding. Sam, just to be clear. Stay tuned. I live a pretty spartan lifestyle from day to day, because it saves money and helps me focus on creating stuff. But when I travel, especially internationally, I stay in luxury hotels and enjoy the comforts therein.

Having only occasional exposure to luxury makes it more fresh and impactful, and saves a ton of money compared to surrounding ourselves with luxury days a year, and avoids hedonic adaptation. And do you factor in taxes and other expenses? It is also a cheap alternative to surrounding neighborhoods and would expect prices to drop if other areas get cheaper etc. Think Downtown Jersey City 10 yrs ago…. There is a substantial disconnect between the purchase price on multiple unit homes and apartments.

However, any home above sqft starts to see a downward trend on square footage pricing. Not including depreciation. Being a live in landlord qualifiers you for the interest write off. I find this to be a hard decision. Have you seen duplexes or apartment complexes in the bay that you would buy for cash flow? You have more potential income opportunities with it buying multi family properties I believe rather than Single family homes. Now, if only I can figure out how to spread my nest egg out around several places. Solid post.

Many landlords in Toronto are not cash flow break-even but looking for capital gain. Rising interest rates started marching in and they would be in trouble soon…. Love it.


So, how does this logic apply if you already own in the expensive luxury market? You always want to keep at least one property in a luxury location. After that, if anything goes! I will always at least have one property in San Francisco. I like balance. Ah, it takes skill! But in the indoor jacuzzi bath , I can type a lot. Super thorough post, Sam. How do you find the time to be a Dad and still write to a consistent schedule?

The math is not challenging but removing the emotions from the decision is the most challenging part. There definitely is A LOT of pride of ownership. I feel super proud of owning my own house and rental property whenever I drive by. But after my rental house reached 30X gross median rent…. I decided to make a change post coming up! As for writing thorough posts, just got to do it! But also, I have tons of time on my hands now that I regularly do 10pm — 3am baby duty shifts on top of waking up again at am.

Lots of time to think and write between the necessary care.

This is great. Desirable high-end real estate carries an ownership premium, just like that on the low-end carries a discount. Therefore if you must live in an expensive metropolitan area because of work or family , then you should rent and let someone else bear that ownership premium, while investing your savings in a market with a higher rate of return.

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Financial Samurai has created a life-changing investment and lifestyle theory in only four letter. I hereby nominate him for a Nobel Prize in economics. Appreciate it. BURL is more memorable. Arbitraging valuations and income opportunities is a no-brainer now! We all know that real estate goes in cycles… and although over the long term real estate always appreciates… it does go through shorter term ups and downs.

In most California markets we are definitely in a sellers market and prices are extremely high in comparison to median incomes. Renting while the market is high and waiting to buy until a cool down is a prudent move in my opinion. I have even been considering selling my home now while the market is hot, renting a place down the street, and then buying again during the next buyers market.

I really like the midwest for cash flow investing.

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Real Estate Deals and Steals, Daytona Beach, Florida. likes · 3 were here. BANK OWNED PROPERTY!. Real Estate Deals and Steals. May 29 ·. UNITS FLORIDA! ADD VALUE! - http ://amchug.tk amchug.tk UNITS FLORIDA!.

You have to do a lot of research in the different markets first however. Many areas the population is actually rapidly decreasing… and has been over the past 20 years. I would warn to stay away from those markets. Thanks for the great informative article. From a pure appreciation potential in real estate prices which of the income tax free states offer the best option? I have been investing in RealtyShares platform and would like to invest in those states that are tax free no hassles filing income tax returns in those states and offer the best potential.

These are the type of articles why I follow this site Sam! It both helps people to decide in probably their most important financial choice buying your own home and at the same time suggests great investment opportunities with detailed reasons behind it. If I think the article a bit further. Logically more and more people should realize the math behind this.

This sounds quite logical for me. People with very low income who would not be perfect tenants either? Or people with no clear view where will they live in years? Or people who are simply financially stupid…? As you might be their landlord, you must know the answer :. Nobody knows exactly what they want to do. The median homeownership duration is about 7 years. Life changes all the time! Life is short. I want to live in SF! So if I go back to the house I sold in Ft.

Lauderdale when my job forced me to move. I had a great pool with solar power water heater, and 10 miles from the beach. So that means it is So that is below the threshold, so hard to say either way whether it is better to sell or rent out. I guess having employer pay all the closing costs and taxes pushes selling a bit better.

So I made the right decision then, but I miss that house and unfortunately, while FL is the east coast, there are no jobs there. Woulda kept it, but oh well. It all depends on how you reinvested the proceeds. What did you do? I thought market was going to crash, so I tried a bond fund, lost money, took losses at the end of , and then put that into the stock market and have done OK. Sometimes I wish I had kept the house with its pool and fruit trees. I just wish I had done a dollar cost averaging of the proceeds when I got it instead of leaving it in cash.

The Real Estate Investing Rule To Follow: Rent Luxury, Buy Utility

In fact I think values would have to be above 40x the rental value to even contemplate selling and then I think primary residence tax considerations would still point to ownership. I think something has to give be it prices downwards or very possibly rents upwards in SF if mortgage rates are 3. If so, that really is a big deal. But there is not mortgage interest deduction on your income right? Oh man, I would arbitrage that all day long by selling and redeploying. Yes, owners pay no property tax at all. I also think politically there would be huge obstacles to increasing this significantly.

K your own residential property is CGT free. Also, if you rent out your property in the US, can you rent out another before paying tax on the rental income received? So instead of sell it, just live in it and use your extra cash flow to not invest more in London at this point, but in much cheaper areas for cash flow generation. It depends on when you want to stop working or have an easier life. How leveraged are the real estate trusts in the MidWest, I think it would only be worth selling up if I was able to maintain my ratio. Sam, I love the premise of the article but I am not convinced investing through crowd funded platforms like RealtyShares or Patch of Land is the solution.

The better option is to actually buy houses like you mentioned in flyover country and develop a team for property management and repairs. Also what are your thoughts on doing a cashout refi for bay area properties to continue maintaining the leverage? Never invest in anything all at once! That is the last thing I want to do at my current stage in life.

Let me co-invest and have someone else deal with everything. Public File Liaison: Gina Strickland gina wtvy. Local Temps. Southeast Radar. Hometown News.