Coupon draws week 28

Finding those draws and forecasting skills

Step 4: Select your Super Seven Bonus letter — select your lucky seventh letter from the alphabet grid and make a cross in ink over this letter. Print this letter in the Super Seven box.

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Step 5: Get the PerthNow code word — visit perthnow. Step 6: Then simply enter your name, address and contact number, sign your entry form and send your entry in. Step 7: 1. Write the first alphabetical order letter from your Jackpot letters on the back of your envelope.

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In Marsleisure you can stake pools in an easier way. We are Africa's foremost & Nigeria's Leading Pools Promoters. Get football fixed odds coupon,Treble. Super7-TPM-pools-coupons-Week • Week Number: 16 - Season: UK - Matches Date: Score Draw, FT. 2 Away, FT.

Entries that do not fulfil the above conditions are invalid. Get The Sunday Times home delivered and win more!

Week 28 RSK Papers: Soccer, Bob Morton, Capital

Listing the combinations is the easy part Now we need to reduce then to a level which will prove advantageous to us. We now delete these 16 lines from the original Seems a silly thing to do but think about it. Still too many to handle, from a staking point of view. So now we need another set of two-way forecasts to be able to delete more lines from the original. The first was 1 — x. So we use the third possible result for that game.

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That being 2. Then we use the obvious alternative which is a X. We do the same with the other three matches.

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So x-2 becomes 1-x, becomes x-1 and 2-x is now 1-x. The new set of lines is. This will allow us to delete a further 16 lines from the original set.

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These are the forecast games from the aforementioned paper for this week 49, based on its numerical fixtures. Honest work has made Sean Dyche's Burnley an example for small-town clubs. Solihull M. Retrieved November 20, Sparta Rotterdam w d w l l.

That leaves 49 lines. So now we enlist the aid of any newspaper which gives a match by match summary of x selections. The Sun does this on Tuesdays. There are other papers or may be more comprehensive.

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We then note the best and second best votes for each match. These can be used unless they are precisely the same as either of the two sets we have already used. If this is so take the second and third choices for the first and last matches. We should be able to delete enough games from this last set to give us more than a sporting chances of making a profit when we have the winning line. Number 32 and 33 will give us one draw this week.


Number 32 and 33 for one sure draw. Number 11 and 12 will surely give us a draw this week. Number 11 or Hot pairs. Number 23 and 24 will give us one draw this week.

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Did you know that number 41 and 42 have always produced one draw since week 04? This week number 35 and 40 will give us one draw. Did you know that number 42 has been an important number since week 02? Conclusion Since the first two weeks were a different season Aussie , We should expect a different result, in this new season.